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Bachelor of Computer Science

Training related to computing professionals according to technological changes.
Participate in research programs.
Represent information objects and their computer repairs melbourne transformations.
Design, build and evaluate basic software components of high complexity.
Evaluate hardware platforms.
Organizing and conducting research projects in areas of computing.
Managing software projects.
Assessing the Costs of Hardware.
Advise, install and configure the computer equipment for any organization.
Diagnose technical problems in pc repairs melbourne software and hardware components.
Manage Software metrics and software economics, methods of testing, design, configuration management and standards.
Make arbitrations, skills and assessments related to computer systems and data processing means.
Advise on the operation of commonly used computer park in the world.

Provide knowledge to give a solid Computer Services Melbourne background in computing, advanced training in computer programming, networks, applications and digital objects. Extensive knowledge in connectivity and information management.

Mathematical background, logic and statistics, in the process of development and evaluation of basic software components of high complexity.
Mastering the fundamentals of the theory of computation and complexity, and traditional methods and artificial intelligence to solve problems.
Extensive knowledge of the strategies of algorithm design, and data abstraction and representation for subsequent treatment with different laptop repairs melbourne paradigms of programming languages.
Thorough knowledge in operating systems, and organization and architecture of computer systems and networks.
Ability to act professionally in both industries, such as state and private agencies.
Ability to integrate and apply scientific knowledge in the area.
Professional Responsibility to recognize the ethical, legal and social implications of the use of Computer Technology.

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